PHP Autoresponder script for peeps too cheapskate for Aweber

March 18th, 2011

I’ve got a ton on mini-scripts that I’ve written for various side projects, or helper tasks, I thought that I’d start posting them here. This first script is an autoresponder email sequence script, that enables you to send a fan/subscriber friend a set of emails. Basically, its a cheapskate’s AWeber. Think of the possibilities:

  • As an email marketer you can pound a person daily with offers related to a niche
  • As a website owner you can remind people to tell their friends, colleagues, dogs about your site
  • As an app owner you can remind them that the limited time offer is only valid for 5 days, 4, days, 3, days, 2 days, too late!
  • As a person that is dying of some incurable disease you can send messages from when you are too weak to type and from beyond the grave
  • The possibilities are endless…

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Amazing customer service from Virgin Mobile

March 17th, 2011

Thanks Virgin Mobile.

In fact, I can’t believe how amazing the customer service was. I ring them up yesterday, tell them my HTC desire is overheating and crashing. And despite having purchased it 10 months ago, they replaced it free of charge.

But! Not only did they replace it free of charge, Virgin Mobile replaced it the very next day. They sent a friendly DHL guy who gave me a super new HTC Desire, and took away my old. Bing Bang Bong. That is how customer service should be. Well its better than how customer service should be its supercustomerservice!

I haven’t got any insight to add to this, other than my Virgin Mobile warm feeling, and general love for them. 🙂


Sexy Santas (Well it is nearly xmas)

December 2nd, 2010

Enjoy this sexy santa photowall! Am just trying out this snazzy photowall. And its an excuse to see some babes!
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beta testing facebooks hyperlocal augmented reality

April 1st, 2010

beta testing facebooks hyperlocal augmented reality:

Met up with some interesting intruiging and exciting peeps last night in Cardiff  #cdfblogs meetup with @getgood @hrwaldram @carlmorris @stuherbert @GlynTansley Am excited again about the concept of local online. 🙂 Might even do something like a “secret swansea” facebook group. 🙂

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What a waste

March 23rd, 2010

I read recently that the Tetris website has games on it that are designed to last exactly the time it takes to travel between stops on Japan’s commuter trains. This struck me as an extremely efficient way to waste time. Tetris is a real time waster – addictive and consuming and lots of fun – and I guess there is a demand from Japanese commuters that they get as much of it as they possibly can in their allotted ‘downtime’.

I do it, too. I enjoy an evening in front of the TV when I can but hate adverts and filler. So I look at the listings and meticulously plan my viewing schedule: ‘Is this programme on a channel that has adverts?’, ‘If so, can I use the Watch Again feature on my cable to see it another day?’,  ‘Can I fill up this 1/2 hour gap with anything I have left over to watch from yesterday when there was two things on at the same time?’.

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End of the decADe

December 31st, 2009

sony_bravia_ballsI thought about doing a post on advertising since Upside Downturn started. And as the length of time between the last post and this one spiralled out beyond my expectations (and my control) the more the idea of managing to squeeze a post in before the end of the decade played on my mind.

I had fragments of posts written about various ads but they were little more than rants and I like to have something vaguely positive to say in my posts here. What tied it all together in the end was one of those pointless commercial TV countdown shows. The ’50 Best Racist Sitcoms’ sort of thing. This one billed itself as the 20 greatest ads of the decade. I guessed I could bear to sit through it because of two things.

1. The ability of the ITVplayer to fast forward and

2. The thought of seeing any of the Sony Bravia ads again.

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August 25th, 2009

Most of the places I’ve worked for throughout my website building career have been pretty hot on accuracy – in design and in terms of spelling. My time at the BBC especially instilled in me a religious devotion to spelling web-words correctly.

Internet shouldn’t have an uppercase ‘i’ (unless it’s at the beginning of a sentence, as it is here). Neither television, nor radio are capitalised, so why should our medium be?

Website is all one word (and for people looking for someone to do your website it’s a good rule of thumb not to go for anyone who spells it ‘web site’ or, worse, ‘web-site’. That includes most of America).

World wide web is lower case.

Most importantly email neither has a hypen, nor a capital E. Just don’t. It’s wrong and makes you look like an amateur. You wouldn’t capitalise paper or envelope, and it’s no more a foreshortening of electronic mail than radio is of radiogramme.

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Freelancer survey

July 29th, 2009

crunchchartFirstly, apologies for the lack of posts recently. Things have, ironically, been very busy and any spare time is taken up with other projects. I wanted to point you towards the results of The Freelancer Survey 2009 which shows some interesting patterns within my industry – especially to do with the credit crunch.


Windows crashmachine cashmachine

July 16th, 2009

Went to get some cash at lunchtime and the cash machine swallowed my card, and started a Windows load sequence, and then hung. Shame it didn’t give me loads of free money, maybe next time!

windows crashmachine

click on image for more detail.

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Ride on time

June 16th, 2009

izalIt’s frustrating enough when small things don’t do what they’re supposed to. Ben Elton called said that there must be a Ministry of Crap somewhere responsible for them. He cited motorway service station teapots (the ones with a spout that makes the tea dribble down the front of them – rather than pouring neatly – and with handles too small to get more than one or two fingers inside). I remember mainly that were made of a heat-conducting metal that made picking them up a like plunging your hand into the sun as an example of soemthing created by the Ministry. Also, Izal toilet paper (the greaseproof stuff you used to get at school with all the absorbency of Teflon). Later examples would be CD jewel cases (Does it hold a CD? Barely. Does it open and shut? Not really. Sometimes, maybe. If you’re lucky) and stove-top kettles (Looks homely sat on your Aga but no good unless you’ve got a spare couple of days to wait for it to boil).

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